Thursday, 22 May 2014

Welcome to my blog!

Hi! My name is Viv and I'm so excited to welcome you to my blog: This book Saved My Life. After more than a year of hoping, thinking and planning, I have finally got here and I have a real life, on the internet blog (I'm freaking out just a bit).

The reason I started this blog, well ...
You know when you have a thing for someone, and you can't stop thinking about them, you freak out when you see them, and then afterwards you think about them some more (okay, a LOT more). That's how I feel about books. Whenever I see a new book I freak out and I can't stop thinking about it even whenever I've put it down to attempt study or something. I just love books.

That is why I wanted to start this blog. Reading is something that I do all the time, and I so badly want to share my opinions about the books that I read. But it's hard when your friends haven't even heard of what you are talking about and they don't care that 'Clary and Jace are perfect for each other, and they got together, but now they are brother and sister but they still can't be together even though they love each other and I don't know what to do with my life now'. Even when I tell them this in my 'I am freaking out this is very important to my life' fangirl voice, they usually nod slowly and back away (not really, but you know what I mean).

But this all changed when I discovered the amazing Penguin Teen Australia. By following them on twitter and going to PTALive I discovered these really cool people who were also bloggers, sharing their feels and, well, I wanted to be one. There is this whole community out there who talk about and share their feelings about books. This got my super excited, and ever since, I have been trying to improve my internet skills in order to become a blogger. More than a year and later and here we are - I am writing my very first blog post.

I'll be posting lots of book reviews, event recaps, book-to-movie reviews, and anything got to do with YA books. I hope you will enjoy my blog. Stay tuned for my first book review, coming hopefully in the next day or two. In the meantime you can check out my about About Page if you wish.

Thanks so much for visiting, reading and all your support leading up to me creating this blog.
xx Viv


  1. Hi Viv and welcome to the book blogging community!
    I totally understand what you mean about real life friends not understanding the feels - mine just see me as a fangirl that cries over books :P that's the great thing about the book blogging community - being able to fangirl and talk with like-minded people who understand the perils of a booklover (:
    I'm so glad you found the courage to start this and that PTA Live helped with that, it's such a great event.
    Looking forward to your first review (:

    1. Thanks so much Jaz, you have been so welcoming! Great to join the fellow fangirl community :) Yeah it took a lot of courage and struggles with technology but I am finally here.

  2. Welcome, welcome, welcome! We're an awesome community if I do say so myself.

    *shakes your hand* I'm Emily. 16-year-old book blogger aspiring to be a cat (or author, although I'm not too sure either will work out).

    I'm attending PTA Live Sydney soon, I'm sure it will be awesome! I can't wait to see what you post :)

    1. Hi Emily! It's so nice to (virtually) meet you! Wow that's so amazing, I would love to be an author but unfortunately I can't write. So excited to meet you in real life at PTA!

  3. OMG YOU HAVE A BLOG NOW YAY!!! *Throws streamers* Welcome to the blogosphere, I'm sure you'll love it and hate it at the same time. We are a great community which is basically just a bunch of fangirls/fanboys fanning over the latest books! I can't wait to see you at the next event!

    1. THANKS SO MUCH FRANCOISE! Im super excited to be a part of the blogosphere I already feel like I belong. Are you coming to PTAlive? If so i'll see you there