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All things TFIOS: book, movie, marathon

~ All Things TFIOS ~

So recently I have been overcome by my obsession with The Fault In Our Stars. What a book. And I'm so excited that due to the release of the movie so many people are discovering the book. Many of my friends are reading and loving it (and hating on John Green for all the tears he caused them to spill).  So in honor of this here are my thoughts about all things TFIOS.

The book:

I am beyond grateful to John Green for writing this book. I love it so much because every time I read it I discover something new, gain a greater understanding and see more depth too the story. To be totally honest, the first time I read it I enjoyed it, but didn't get the hype (I know, I'm sorry!). But when I re-read I discovered that it wasn't just a romance story, but it was all about life. The fact that Augustus wants to live an extraordinary life and fears oblivion - I suddenly understood what this meant. And Hazel leads him to realize that loving her and being loved by her was enough - "I like my choices. I hope she likes hers" as Augustus wrote at the end of the book. Then the next time I read it I realized all these things about Augustus' masculinity, (I now understood scenes like in the scene at the gas station where he wanted to buy his cigarettes). I'm looking forward to discovering more and more things as I re-read this. I love this book because it isn't a cancer book about death. It's about life, and what is important. What you should live for. I am so grateful for a book that contains important things of life in an amazing way that is funny and sad and enlightening all at the same time.

The Movie:

Ansel in that suit = wow
Our reaction to the movie
I think that TFIOS was one of the best book-to-movie adaptations that I have ever seen. I think all movie-making people should take note of this movie, and all the things they did to make it a perfect adaptation. Having John Green on set every day of filming was the coolest thing, and clearly helped to make the movie all that it could be. Lets talk about Shailene Woodley, who is starring in so many YA adaptations, go her! I think she did such a raw and beautiful job of portraying Hazel. And not sure if this was just me, but when she was getting really angry at Peter van Houten, she kind of reminded me of Tris from Divergent. And Ansel (even though he wasn't how i pictured Augustus), wow he was fantastic! My friends Sasha (who I saw it with the first two times) told me that John Green said he would have written Augustus in a suit more when he saw Ansel in that scene, which i though was awesome. The scene in the car when he tried to buy cigarette's when he was sick was so beautiful I lose it every time in that scene. And despite the sadness of the movie, it had a good balance of joy as well. I laughed so hard at some of the jokes that weren't in the books and therefore didn't see coming (those who haven't seen it yet, be keen for some Isaac eye-related humor, its fantastic). On top of this, the soundtrack is probably my most favorite soundtrack which is saying something! M83's song Wait at the end makes me ball, as well as Birdy, Ed Sheeran and Kodaline. But even the more upbeat songs such as Charli XCX and STRFKR were great for the more happy moments of the film. I can't wait to buy the soundtrack when it comes out in Australia. All in all, this film was such a perfect adaptation, with the right balance of the book and new input.

TFIOS Marathon:

Sasha and I with our TFIOS tear-catchers
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to Penguin Teen Australia for hosting this awesome event. For those who missed it, the awesome people from PTA traveled around to the main cities of Australia and watched the TFIOS movie with us. It was an awesome chance to get dressed up, and watch it with hard core fans of the book. I went with my amazing friend Sasha, who understands the book in more ways than me, and we wore TFIOS t-shirts as well as sunglasses, a teddy bear and tissue box. Also we got awesome penguin tote bags, another voucher to see the movie again, and we are getting mailed double sided TFIOS posters. The marathon was so unique because everyone in the cinema understood the movie. You could hear the sobbing in the theater during the quiet moments, which was actually nice as you felt like you were connected to everyone in the room, and the whole room was connected to the story. Sasha commented at the end when (SPOILER) Hazel's parents get the call that Augustus has died and Hazel starts crying, that everyone in the theater is crying in unison with Hazel and it is such a beautifully sad moment as we almost get to share this moment with Hazel. TFIOS marathon was an awesome change to watch the movie with people who get not wanting to live in a world without Augustus Waters. Thanks so much PTA for putting on this awesome event.

If you haven't read this book, run don't walk to the nearest bookstore and buy it. I promise you won't be disappointed! xx Viv

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